These web-sites are result from the authorīs life-long love affair with American automobiles and especially Mercurys.
When we were young, there was Mercury Comets, Montereys and etc. in our village.
We dreamed about these beautiful cars, and hoped that someday we will have so much money that we can buy one of these cars. Now many, many years later there`s a little chance for that. Our dreams came true!

You can see our Mercurys here in these web-sites. You can look at them, taste of them etc., but remember - dont touch them!

If You think about the name "Mercuryman.Finland", I can tell You a story.
In Last summer (2005), we were in Denver and met the legend, Mrs Hub Cap Annie, the Grand Old Lady herself. We asked her "can we order hup caps from You by e-mail?". She smiled a little and said, "of course, but dont sign it on your own name. Put there Mr.Mercuryman from Finland, then I remember You.

Look at the sites and enjoy.

Thank You
Mercuryman Finland